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Rumus Noun Clause

Noun clause dapat diawali oleh noun clause markers sebagai berikut.

Noun Clause Marker
Contoh Noun Clause pada Complex Sentence
Question Word
Question word:
what(ever), what (time, kind, day, etc),
how (long, far, many times, old, etc)
The class listens carefully what the teacher instructs.
(Seluruh kelas mendengarkan dengan teliti apa yang guru instruksikan.)
The kitten follows wherever the woman goes.
(Anak kucing mengikuti kemanapun wanita itu pergi.)
Many people imagine how many time the man was failed before successful.
(Banyak orang membayangkan berapa kali pria itu gagal sebelum sukses.)
if atau whether
biasanya digunakan untuk kalimat jawaban dari pertanyaan yes-no question
Where does Leo live?
(Dimana leo tinggal?)

I wonder if he lives in West Jakarta.
(Saya pikir dia tinggal di Jakarta Barat.)
Is Leo live on Dewi Sartika Street?
(Apakah Leo tinggal di jalan Dewsi Sartika?)

I don't know if he live on Dewi Sartika Street or not.

I don't know whether or not he lives on Dewi Sartika street.
(Saya tidak tahu jika dia
biasanya that-clause untuk mental activity. Berikut daftar verb pada main clause yang biasanya diikuti that-clause:

assume, believe, discover, dream,
guess, hear, hope, know,
learn, notice, predict, prove,
realize, suppose, suspect, think
I think that the group will arrive in an hour.
(Saya pikir rombongan itu akan tiba salam satu jam.)
Many people proved that the man was a big liar.
(Banyak orang membuktikan bahwa pria itu pembohong besar.)

Fungsi Noun Clause

Berikut adalah contoh kalimat dari setiap fungsi noun clause dalam suatu complex sentence.

Contoh Complex Sentence
Subject of a Verb
what she cooks is delicious.
That today is his birthday is not right.
Subject complement
The fact is that she is smart and dilligent.
A teacher must be whoever is patient.
Object of a Verb
Diana believes that her life will be happier.
I want to know how Ferdi thinks.
Object of a preposition
The girl comes from where the people live in poverty.
He will attend the party with whichever fits to his body.

Word Order pada Noun Clause

Word order selalu digunakan pada noun clause yang diawali dengan question word; sekalipun main clause-nya merupakan klausa pertanyaan.

Contoh word order noun clause:

  • Can we imagine how old is he? (salah)
  • Can we imagine how old he is? (benar)
  • Will you explain where did you go? (salah)
  • Will you explain where you went? (benar)
  • I imagine what does the man speak (salah)
  • I imagine what the man speaks (benar)
  • They have no clue who the mysterious man is behind the door. (benar; prepositional phrase setelah be)
  • No one know whose chocolate is on the table. (benar, prepositional phrase setelah be)


Tenses pada Noun Clause

Berikut adalah contoh kalimat hasil gabungan main clause dan noun clause dengan berbagai kombinasi tenses.

Contoh Complex Sentence
Verb pada Noun Clause
present tense
future tense
(jika action/state pada noun clause dilakukan/terjadi kemudian)
I hope that the trip will be fun and unforgetable.
future tense
(jika action/state masih diprediksi akan terjadi di masa depan)
The scientists dreams that the sunlight will replace totally fossil fuels.
present tense
(jika action/state pada noun clause dilakukan/terjadi pada saat yang bersamaan dengan main clause)
I guess that she is sleeping in the library now.
present tense
(jika merupakan kebenaran umum atau fakta)
The student knows that atlantic salmon migrate to the ocean in the spring.
past tense
(jika action/state telah dilakukan/terjadi sebelum action/state pada main clause)
She predicts that the bread was baked three days ago.
past tense
future tense
(jika action/state pada noun clause masih diprediksi akan terjadi di masa depan)
The scientist believed that the HIV vaccine will be found someday.
present tense
(jika action/state dilanjutkan sampai sekarang)
I discovered that creating a website is tricky.
present tense
(jika action/state jika merupakan kebenaran umum atau fakta)
The children learned that the earth is not square but round.
past future
(jika action/state dilakukan/terjadi kemudian)
The class assumed that the teacher would be late/was going to be late.
past tense
(jika action/state dilakukan secara bersamaan dengan action/state pada main clause)
She supposed that her friend was walking to the bank.
past perfect
(jika action/state pada noun clause telah dilakukan/terjadi sebelum action/state pada main clause)
He heard that you had written a book.

Question and answer
  1. Where did Frank go? =====> I don't know where he went.
  2. What is that boy's name? =====> I don't know what his name is.
  3. When is that girl's birthday? =====> I don't know when her birthday.
  4. Who lives there? =====> I don't know who lives there.
  5. Why did Fernando leave? =====> I don't know why he left.
  6. How old is Peter? =====> I don't know how old he is.
  7. Her story was interesting =====> What he said was interesting.
  8. I heard her story =====> I heard what she said.
  9. I liked his jacket =====> I liked what he wore.
  10. His performance was amazing =====> What he shew was amazing.

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