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Keris Kutukan Mpu Gandring

The king of Kediri Kingdom in East Java, Kertajaya thought himself as a deity, and he was opposed by the Brahmana (priests) caste. When he threated the Brahmanas, they ran to Tumapel and asked the ruler, Ken Arok, for his protection. Ken Arok thought that Kediri army would attack his territory, and ordered his troops to fortify.

Kediri army came to Tumapel as Arok was expecting. The Battle of Ganter, in 1222, was the end of Kediri Kingdom, then Ken Arok formed his own empire, Singosari.

Ken Arok proclaimed himself as the son of Shiva.
Historians has been argued on Ken Arok's new dynasty because his origin wasn't clear . Who is he? Why he could forma kingdom? Does he have a dark past? 

After Kertajaya lost, the Kediri Kingdom was ruled by Tunggul Ametung.  He had a very beautiful wife, Ken Dedes. A statue in Leiden Museum, Netherlands, shows Ken Dedes asPrajnaparamitha, Goddess of Wise. 
One day Ken Arok accidentaly saw Ken Dedes, then a wind hiked her gown. Suddenly Ken Arok got a vision, that he had to have Ken Dedes as his wife, at any risk.

Ken Arok decided to kill Tunggul Ametung.

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